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Love in Mercury

  • Bands in different shades of pink.


  • Customer: Amor en Mercurio, De Santis.
  • Tools: Drupal, responsive site.
  • Languaje: Spanish.

Amor en Mercurio was built as a website in two languages, Spanish and English, in which all the pages had synchronized translations. It also had two fictitious characters who lived their romantic history and discussed through Twitter, in both languages. Posting on Twitter was automatic and the author only needed to create the story on her blog. After a year, Love in Mercury had to disappear in favor of the author's other books.

We chose Drupal for the ease of handling synchronized translations and the ability to separate blog posts and Twitter micro-stories into different types of content.

In the end, Love on Mercury became The Sense of Darkness.

And where was Mercury?

Mercury was a metaphor to describe that stage of life a woman finds herself in when she is not old but not young either, the children have grown but not enough to be independent, and the true meaning of the law of love is discovered. the gravity. Much has been written about it, however, each case is different.

Amor en Mercurio was the blog where the writer Cristina Ravel (penname) published stories of many types of love for a year. The Pink stories were light narratives, with a touch of humor; the Reds spoke of more difficult loves.

Completed tasks

  • Design of a logo.
  • Installation and creation of a comfortable environment for the user.
  • Integration with social networks Twitter, Facebook. Promotion.
  • Closing the site.