Hay hanging in a net from the stable door.

Details of Project

  • Client: Web Photo Traders
  • Used Tools: Photostore, Wordpress blog

When the former Davis camera club members had to move from New Jersey following the expatriate lifestyle, they wanted to keep sharing their passion for photography, as well as tips, tricks. techniques, and pool resources, so they decided to take advantage of the Cloud and build a website all of them could access any time, everywhere. The result was this site, including a blog, and the forum to be built.

Some of WebPhotoTraders members license their images for use on the web, providing website and blog owners with quality images at reasonable prices. Optimized photos are ready for download in popular screen sizes for websites and still images for video. Print sizes and special formas are available on demand.  

When the Davis Camera Club decided to turn into an international camera club, things changed. Certain support plans, especially for food sites, included a membership to www.webphototraders.com and the space and the facilities of the store to allow Allabor customers to download royalty free images for their websites and as still images for their videos, as sizes were optimized. We still make available the images for our customers, but it will be from some of our support sites. Customers on our content plans are aware.

Things we completed

  • Domain and hosting.
  • First version built in Photostore 2, upgrade up to Photostore 4.
  • Designed image packages and descriptions, built WordPress blog.
  • Moved host providers. Managed closing of website.