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Searchable info

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Details of Project

  • Client: Searchable Info
  • Used Tools: WordPress, Drupal, Dreamweaver, Photoshop.

Searchable Information about health, money, relationships, pets, hobbies, gardening, DIY, parenting, and more. It had information about simple things, the things that matter in life, including health, well being, comfort, work, relationships, hobbies and pets. The information had been collected from blogs created for our clients, just for promotional purposes or short term projects. We thought all that interesting information it should not available, especially the content from the former All Simple Things ( website, not currently online) as many of its recommendations for pets, baby showers, bridal showers, and wedding parties were quite a success.

It was not an easy decision to close this site, but it had grown too large for an easy maintenance, especially when it was done on a voluntary basis. A good part of the content will be available as free reports to download. When that happens, we will announce it here.

From the technical point of view, was a WordPress multi-blog and an a good example of this kind of project, but it had become too large. Gathering all these blogs in one domain, required a good deal of editing and organizing. It was maintained and edited by volunteers. When editors and writers moved to other projects, and taking into account hosting and maintenance tasks, particularly heavy on the security side, there was a powerful argument for taking the site down, although we felt sad about it. There is, however, similar information all over the Internet, just scattered over many sites and it is not easily accessible from one site.

We moved most of the content to a Drupal site.

Things we completed

  • WordPress multi-blog structure with responsive theme.
  • Included social media, affiliate feeds. Dismantling the site.
  • Currently creating digital distribution for content.