Vegetables for a salad.

Details of Project

  • Client: All Foods Natural
  • Used Tools: HTML, Joomla, Drupal, Photoshop, Dreamweaver

All Foods Natural is a site about cooking natural, using natural condiments, herbs and spices, and fresh seasonal ingredients. Organic food is our choice; however, we use the best of what we have at hand. Our diet is moderately low in fat, aware of portion sizes and includes all food groups. For us, variety plays an essential role in a healthy diet.

Food Naturally is still publishing and sharing content through All Foods Natural Facebook page.

All Foods Natural started as a typical HTML site, and then was recreated using Open Source CMS packages, first Joomla! and thne Drupal 6 with Moodle for online learning. All Foods Natural migrated to Drupal 7. It has been working as a membership site, and publishes the newsletter Food Naturally. The writers and editors were voluntaries, usually writing their first published pieces. We wanted to maintain it as an example of all the things a website can be. That is not going to be possible. Some of All Foods Natural contributors are about to publish cookbooks, or plan to do it in the near future. They are going to write about similar topics and, understandably, they do not want to have the same content freely available online.

The blog, Food Naturally, was a Wordpress blog. All Foods Natural also offered some simple software products such as screensavers, and food games that could have been considered precursors of the modern apps.

All Foods Natural is in the process of shutting down. The recipe club has been closed to new subscribers for some time and the recipe contests have finished. Most of the content and recipes has been migrated to World Food & Wine, especially All Foods Natural blog. The content from the private zone will be published in different books.

Things we completed

  • Migration from Joomla! to Drupal, content and custom code, newsletter.
  • HTML5, responsive template, affiliate feeds, advertising, shop.
  • Shop and cooking courses implementation.