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Web Site Goals

Before you create your website there is one thing that will make the difference between success and struggle: goals.

What are your website goals? What do you want your website to accomplish?

Here are some potential goals to consider:

  • Keep friends and family up to date
  • Share news about a topic
  • Sell a single product / several products
  • Sell a service
  • Journal your thoughts, ideas or knowledge about a topic.
  • Discuss a topic you are passionate about
  • Entertain
  • Promote the products of others (affiliate marketing)
  • Provide a community for shared interests

Consider also where you see your website a year, five years and ten years from now. What will your website accomplish? What will it look like? What value will it provide?

It is important to define your goals first. When you take the time to contemplate why you want to build a website and what you hope to accomplish, you can then plan your website pages and structure to support that goal.
As you define your goals you’ll also learn more about your target audience and your business vision and mission. You’ll be able to:

  • Identify your target audience / average visitor / ideal customer
  • Identify your unique selling proposition – what makes your website different.
  • Identify the benefits or value you have to offer.

Taking time to think your website through completely will help you create a website that supports your success. It will help you hit the ground running, as they say, and achieve your website goals and dreams.