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Slide Shows

Online business owners who would like to add video content to their websites but lack technical skills could consider slide shows, as they are very likely to be already able to produce good marketing presentations.

Creating slides

The best practice is to show one simple idea on each slide. The slides can be branded by including a logo, website address, and business name on every slide, without being over the top or distracting, preferably at the bottom or one of the corners.

Lists are a great base for a slide show and the audience can obtain an immediate benefit from them. A particular format that works well is a “top ten” presented in reverse order. People’s curiosity makes them go through the entire slide deck to see what the top item is.

Tips and “how to” content have the potential to become streamlined, benefit driven, and visually interesting slide shows; especially when accompanied by graphics.

Examples on what to use a product for or demonstrations about how to use it can turn into a great customer service tool.

A photo slide show is always entertaining and they can be inspirational when presenting images of a customer’s situation, how it was solved, and the final success.

Sharing slideshows

No doubt articles, blog posts and print content are brilliant to build the credibility of any professional, as well as any business, to the status of expert. We also know that content grows to be memorable when it tells a story, and it is even better if that story becomes a visual one with the addition of images. Slide shows are all that.

Considering that there are slide hosting services where files can be uploaded and the show viewed on the site itself, or embedded on other sites, sharing slide shows can be a powerful social marketing tool, as well, since they can be posted to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks.

Variety, traffic, and branding

Content is key for an online business, especially actual, quality content, and no doubt a presentation meets the criteria. Given that slide show creation and distribution services admit PowerPoint, Open Office, Keynote or PDF presentations and often support documents, PDF, video, audio, and webinar formats, that content can become truly unique and interesting material, far beyond the average presentation. One of the best features of slide sharing services is the ability to see the slide decks on hand held devices.

Let’s not forget presentations are great for education and the fact that slide decks can be shared with all the public, or access can be restricted, making slide shows excellent material for membership sites.

If choosing to upload a presentation to one of the major slide show distribution sites, such as SlideShare, and making it public, the potential viewers in the millions. SlideShare alone has and estimated 60 million visitors per month and 130 million page views.

Everyone benefits

Broadening its visitor’s horizons with a wide variety of slide presentations, ranging from a simple list to a product demonstration, is within the reach of any website. Slide shows have always been considered a powerful tool for training or business presentations. Slides can also be used to inform or entertain.