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Direct Response

Your prospective customers may never know how good your products and services are unless you have copy that makes a compelling offer and asks them clearly to try. Stop simply writing and begin copy writing. Copy writing is defined as writing with a marketing purpose or to increase sales. Writing with sales or other marketing goal in mind is different than writing for pleasure or simple business writing. You will need a special frame of mind to get the best words to present your business to your potential customers. Imagine that you had a special copy writing hat. Get that hat on and you become a copywriter.

Allabor cannot offer a magic hat, but we can offer copy writing tips that will get you in the right frame of mind. Begin copy writing with the help of the writing tips you'll find at Allabor Writing.

Many web site owners start writing content on their own only to realize writing is a whole day job. When you reach that point and find out you would rather devote your time to grow the business, browse our Public Label Rights articles or ask for an estimate.

We write direct, believable, convincing copy about a wide variety of business products and services, from simple to technical. We can integrate targeted promotion into your website, either incorporating your chosen keywords or doing our own research and selecting the best keywords for a particular piece.

If you are looking for a reliable, talented writer who can do the job for you, why don't your contact us and ask for a free, no obligation cost estimate?

Allabor will stick to your schedule and your budget.